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Thursday, 11 July 2019

5 most important things to know about a company to get the job in that company

Always be real—it’s impossible to know everything toeveryone. 

So what actually matters read below an article?

company facts are important to know—date established, who leads what department, what products or services they offer, which age group product they offer —It is more important to show to your interviewers that you donot only done your research, but you’ve also thought about this information in ways that show how your skills would impact the company.
Focus on understanding these five topics, and you’ll be sure to impress the hiring manager.

how you’ll help to companies revenues growth?

It doesn’t matter what is the role in the company. In every situation, knowing how your work will impact the company’s growth is the most important work a candidate can do heading into an interview. Start by researching the information that matters to your potential position.
“Be really, really knowledgeable about the company's products or services so that you can frame your potential employment in terms of how you'd interact with the company's source of revenue growth,”
Take an example- if you’re applying to a company that prides itself on meeting tight deadlines, explain to your interviewer that your excellent time-management skills can help improve productivity.

You have to understand the company’s challenges.

OK, so you know basically what the company does, and you’ve got an idea of how your work will affect its goals. But if you can understand the company’s core challenges—By reviewing company social media pages, blog posts and mission statement—you’ll stand out to interviewers as thoughtful, prepared and a critical thinker.
 If the company is experiencing a growth spurt and is struggling to quickly fill positions, make it clear to the interviewer that you are someone who comes to the job on day one with your sleeves rolled up and ready to get to work.

Understand the company’s competitors

You don’t have to have a complete understanding of the market, but if you’re able to internalize who the company’s core competitors are, you’ll be able to contextualize your conversation with interviewers and impress them. Asking questions about the company’s position in the market as it relates to competing brands demonstrates interest and preparedness.
 How do you expect that to affect business?”

You have to understand your interviewers.

Every interviewer first research their candidates on social media before they come in for an interview. You should do the same thing and research the people with whom you’ll be speaking. Check out their LinkedIn profiles and Twitter accounts of interviewers to get a sense of who they are and what they’ve accomplished.

 Read the Job description Carefully

It might seem basic, but a core part of an interview is talking about what you’d be doing for the company; interviewers love to ask candidates about the roles and responsibilities they would have as an employee.
“You should read and understand  about each responsibility clearly, and be able to show how you’re equipped to handle them, “But once you’re in the room, you need to do what actors do on stage—trust the script is in you and just react naturally in the moment.”
It’s impossible to know everything about a company—and that’s OK. Your interviewer isn’t expecting you to know every detail. The key is to put in the work to understand these key areas, and then be yourself.

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